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Prof Bhrigu Nath Singh

Professor (HAG) Smart and Composite Structures, Uncertainty quanti... View Profile

Dr Kalyan Prasad Sinhamahapatra

Professor Aerodynamics, CFD... View Profile

Prof Dipak Kumar Maiti

Professor Aerospace Structures Composite and Smart Structur... View Profile

Prof Arnab Roy

Professor Computational and experimental Fluid Dynamics. Num... View Profile

Prof Manoranjan Sinha

Professor Flight Dynamics, Controls, Space Dynamics, Intelli... View Profile

Dr Manas K Laha

Associate Professor Aerospace Engineering... View Profile

Dr Somnath Ghosh

Associate Professor DNS, Computational fluid dynamics... View Profile

Dr Ratan Joarder

Associate Professor Chemically Reacting flows Droplet and Spray Comb... View Profile

Dr Srinibas Karmakar

Associate Professor Droplet and spray combustion, combustion of solid ... View Profile

Dr Mira Mitra

Associate Professor Structural Health Monitoring, Wave Propagation, Vi... View Profile

Dr Suresh Chandra Pradhan

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Susmita Bhattacharyya

Assistant Professor Grade-I Satellite Navigation Systems Fault detection S... View Profile

Dr Sunil Manohar Dash

Assistant Professor Grade-I Low Reynolds No. Aerodynamics Fluid Structure In... View Profile

Dr Amardip Ghosh

Assistant Professor Grade-I (1) Experimental investigation of Combustion Inst... View Profile

Dr Anup Ghosh

Assistant Professor Grade-I Aerospace Structures, Laminated Composite Structu... View Profile

Dr Sikha Hota

Assistant Professor Grade-I guidance and control of aerospace vehicles. Path p... View Profile

Dr Prasun Jana

Assistant Professor Grade-I computational mechanics to address some underlying... View Profile

Dr Naba Kumar Peyada

Assistant Professor Grade-I System Identification/Parameter Estimation - Neura... View Profile

Dr Akshay Prakash

Assistant Professor Grade-I Hypersonics Chemically Reacting flows Lattice ... View Profile

Dr Sandeep Saha

Assistant Professor Grade-I Bio-inspired aerodynamics, Hydrodynamic stability ... View Profile

Dr Mohammed Rabius Sunny

Assistant Professor Grade-I Fluid Structure Interaction Dynamics and Aeroel... View Profile

Dr Chetankumar Mistry

Assistant Professor Design,Experimental and Computational Fluid Dynami... View Profile