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Prof Virendra Kumar Tiwari

Director Tractor system design, Ergonomics and industrial s... View Profile

Prof P Srinivasa Rao

Professor Nonthermal method of food processing Process Equ... View Profile

Prof Chandranath Chatterjee

Professor Flood hazard and risk analysis Flood forecasting... View Profile

Prof Dillip Kumar Swain

Professor Sustainable Production Agriculture Climate Chang... View Profile

Prof Ashok Mishra

Professor Hydrological Modelling & Watershed Manag Crop Yi... View Profile

Dr Prem Prakash Srivastav

Associate Professor Fuctional Food Development Herbal Neutaceuticals... View Profile

Dr Rajendra Machavaram

Associate Professor Machine Design and Design Optimization Structura... View Profile

Dr Punyadarshini Punam Tripathy

Associate Professor Solar Energy Utilization in Food Processing, Heat ... View Profile

Dr Peeyush Soni

Associate Professor Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization Soil Till... View Profile

Dr Proshanta Guha

Associate Professor Agronomy Post-harvest Technology... View Profile

Dr Damodhara Rao Mailapalli

Associate Professor Irrigation hydraulics and Modeling Nanofertiliz... View Profile

Dr Amey Pathak

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Eco-Hydro-Climatology, Precipitation Recycling, Mo... View Profile

Dr Kanishka Bhunia

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Functional Food Packaging Food Safety and Risk A... View Profile

Dr Jayeeta Mitra

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Food Packaging and Storage Mathematical Modeling... View Profile

Dr Poulomi Ganguli

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Hydroclimatology and Water Resources Eng hydrol... View Profile

Dr Joydeep Banerjee

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Plant Molecular Biology Signal transduction and ... View Profile

Dr Somsubhra Chakraborty

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Hyperspectral Proximal Soil Sensors Portable XRF... View Profile

Dr Ronit Mandal

Assistant Professor Food Processing and Preservation; Non-Thermal Proc... View Profile

Dr Prithwiraj Dey

Assistant Professor Agricultural Systems & Management, Agronomic resea... View Profile