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Prof Sunando Dasgupta

Professor Microfluidics, Microscale Transport Processes, Int... View Profile

Prof Sudarsan Neogi

Professor Surface Modification And Engineering of Polymer Su... View Profile

Prof Swati Neogi

Professor Advanced composite technology, Lifetime and reliab... View Profile

Dr Narayan C Pradhan

Professor Heterogeneous Catalysis Chemical Process Developme... View Profile

Prof Sudipto Chakraborty

Professor Ultrafast Cooling (Spray, Jet, Coolants), Process ... View Profile

Prof Rabibrata Mukherjee

Professor Thin Film instability, Soft Lithography and Nano P... View Profile

Dr Amar Nath Samanta

Professor Carbon Capture... View Profile

Dr Sirshendu De

Professor Membrane separations, Application of mathematical ... View Profile

Prof Jayanta Kumar Basu

Professor Adsorption and Separation Science, Waste Water Tre... View Profile

Prof Bhim Charan Meikap

Professor Pollution MOnitoring and Control, Pollution Contro... View Profile

Prof Gargi Das

Professor Multiphase flow and complex fluids, Process Intens... View Profile

Dr Somenath Ganguly

Associate Professor Porous Media, Structured Fluid... View Profile

Dr Amiya Kumar Jana

Associate Professor Renewable energy, Process intensification, Nonline... View Profile

Dr Saikat Chakraborty

Associate Professor Bio-energy & Development of Relevant Materials, Li... View Profile

Dr Debasis Sarkar

Associate Professor Computational System Biology, Crystallization Engi... View Profile

Dr Arnab Atta

Associate Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics, Single and Multiphas... View Profile

Dr Jayanta Chakraborty

Associate Professor Scalable synthesis of nanomaterials, Modeling of c... View Profile

Dr Koustuv Ray

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Heterogeneous catalysis, Kinetics and Thermodynami... View Profile

Dr Sourav Mondal

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Transport in porous medium, Science of the Liquid ... View Profile

Dr Harikrishnan G

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Model Predictive control Control relevant modellin... View Profile

Dr Manish Kaushal

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Electrorheology, Soft-Glassy-Rheology, Drainge of ... View Profile

Dr Bhaskar Bhaduri

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Inorganic and Organic nano-structures, Heterogeneo... View Profile

Dr Monojit Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Microfluidics and microscale transport, Interfacia... View Profile

Mr Subhabrata Ray

Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering... View Profile