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Prof Ganesan Mani

Professor Organometallic, Main Group and Catalysis... View Profile

Prof Dibakar Dhara

Professor Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules, Synthetic Po... View Profile

Prof Narayan Dhuleep Pradeep Singh

Professor Design and Development of FPRPG, Development of On... View Profile

Prof Joykrishna Dey

Professor Organized Assemblies, Macromolecules, Drug Deliver... View Profile

Prof Kumar Biradha

Professor Structural Chemistry, Polymer Synthesis, Functiona... View Profile

Prof Samik Nanda

Professor Asymmetric Synthesis, Total Synthesis of Natural P... View Profile

Dr Debashis Ray

Professor Bioinorganic Chemistry... View Profile

Prof Mintu Halder

Professor Experimental Physical Chemistry, Biophysics, Photo... View Profile

Prof C Retna Raj

Professor Functional Materials, Electrocatalysis, Biosensors... View Profile

Prof Rajakumar Ananthakrishnan

Professor Analytical Chemistry, Fabrication of Hybrid Inorg... View Profile

Dr Suneel Kumar Srivastava

Professor Solid state chemistry and catalysis... View Profile

Dr Nilmoni Sarkar

Professor Photophysical studies of different organic molecul... View Profile

Dr Tanmaya Pathak

Professor Carbohydrate and nucleoside chemistry... View Profile

Dr Swagata Dasgupta

Professor Biophysical Chemistry, Protein-protein and Protein... View Profile

Dr Srabani Taraphder

Professor Chemical Reaction Dynamics... View Profile

Dr Sanjoy Bandyopadhyay

Professor Computational Chemistry, Molecular Modeling... View Profile

Dr Amit Basak

Professor Bioorganic Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Manish Bhattacharjee

Professor Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Sabyashachi Mishra

Associate Professor Enzyme Catalysis with QM/MM Approach, Multi Scale ... View Profile

Dr Rajarshi Samanta

Associate Professor Developing New Transition Metal Catalysed Syntheti... View Profile

Dr Modhu Sudan Maji

Associate Professor Dual Catalysis and Asymmetric Synthesis... View Profile

Dr Sanjib Kumar Patra

Associate Professor Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry, Macromolecules, Pol... View Profile

Dr Madhab Chandra Das

Associate Professor Porous Metal Organic Frameworks, Porous Covalent O... View Profile

Dr Anoop Ayyappan

Associate Professor Computational Chemistry, Software Development, Mod... View Profile

Dr Ahindra Nag

Associate Professor Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Amita Mahanty

Associate Professor Multidisciplinary Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Santanu Panda

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Organoboron Chemistry, Total Synthesis of Spiroket... View Profile

Dr Suman Kalyan Samanta

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Functional Materials, Organized Assemblies, Macrom... View Profile

Dr Sukanta Mandal

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Kiran Ramakant Gore

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Chemically Modified Oligonucleotides, Organic Synt... View Profile

Dr Ganesh Venkataraman

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Transition Metal Catalysis and Radical Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Pradip Kumar Chakraborty

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Structural Chemistry, Electronic and Magnetic Mate... View Profile

Dr Partha Pratim Jana

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Structural Chemistry, Energy Materials, Computatio... View Profile