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Prof Bosukonda Murali Mohan

Professor Control Systems... View Profile

Dr Amit Patra

Professor Power Management Circuits, VLSI Design, Fault Tole... View Profile

Dr Siddhartha Sen

Professor MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer, Control Allocation,... View Profile

Dr Debaprasad Kastha

Professor Wind Electrical Systems, Switched Mode Power Suppl... View Profile

Dr Siddhartha Mukhopadhyay

Professor Failure Diagnostics Prognostics and Tolerance for ... View Profile

Dr Pranab K Dutta

Professor Signal Processing, Image Processing, Optoelectroni... View Profile

Dr Tapas K Bhattacharya

Professor Electrical Engineer... View Profile

Dr A Routh Ray

Professor Electrical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Ashok Kumar Pradhan

Professor Power System Protection - Wide Area Measurement Sy... View Profile

Prof Debapriya Das

Professor ... View Profile

Dr Prabodh Bajpai

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Karabi Biswas

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Santanu Kapat

Associate Professor Switched Mode Power Converters,High frequency digi... View Profile

Dr Anirban Mukherjee

Associate Professor Signal Processing and Machine Learning... View Profile

Dr Gautam Poddar

Associate Professor Electric Drives... View Profile

Dr Ashish Ranjan Hota

Assistant Professor Grade-II Stochastic Optimization, Control and Learning ,Dyn... View Profile

Dr Shambhu Sau

Assistant Professor Grade-I High-Power Drives; HVDC; FACTs; Multilevel Convert... View Profile

Dr Sanand Dilip Amita Athalye

Assistant Professor Grade-I Algebraic Riccati equations and inequalities ,Netw... View Profile

Dr Tanmoy Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor Grade-I Pulse Width Modulation of Voltage source Inverter,... View Profile

Dr Avishek Chatterjee

Assistant Professor Grade-I ... View Profile

Dr Dheeman Chatterjee

Assistant Professor Grade-I Power Systems Dynamics,FACTS... View Profile

Dr Souvik Chattopadhyay

Assistant Professor Grade-I Soft switched dc-dc converter topologies, Microinv... View Profile

Dr Dipankar Debnath

Assistant Professor Grade-I Reduced Stage Off-Grid and Buck-Boost Inverter bas... View Profile

Dr Arun Ghosh

Assistant Professor Grade-I Control Theory and Applications, Multivariable Co... View Profile

Dr Nirmalya Ghosh

Assistant Professor Grade-I Bio-medical Image informatics: Computational biolo... View Profile

Dr Suman Maiti

Assistant Professor Grade-I Machine Drives and Power Electronics ... View Profile

Dr Ashis Maity

Assistant Professor Grade-I Power Management IC, Analog Electronics... View Profile

Dr Sourav Patra

Assistant Professor Grade-I Robust Control,Robust control using Linear matrix ... View Profile

Dr Saurav Pramanik

Assistant Professor Grade-I Monitoring and Diagnostics of HV Power Apparatus... View Profile

Dr Rajiv Ranjan Sahay

Assistant Professor Grade-I Image Processing,Computer Vision ,Multimedia... View Profile

Dr Debdoot Sheet

Assistant Professor Grade-I Computational Medical Imaging, Smart Medical Devic... View Profile

Dr Debashis Mandal

Assistant Professor Analog, RF, Power management IC Design... View Profile