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Prof Raja Datta

Professor Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Software De... View Profile

Prof Pradip Mandal

Professor Design of Interface circuits for High Speed Interc... View Profile

Prof Santanu Chattopadhyay

Professor VLSI and Embedded Systems,Network-on-Chip Design a... View Profile

Prof Sudipta Mukhopadhyay

Professor Medical Image and Signal Processing, Content based... View Profile

Prof Goutam Saha

Professor Biomedical Signal Processing,Speech Processing... View Profile

Prof Bratin Ghosh

Professor Electromagnetics ,Antenna and Arrays,RF and Microw... View Profile

Prof Dhrubes Biswas

Professor Graded barrier AlGaN/GaNheterostructures for high ... View Profile

Prof Indrajit Chakrabarti

Professor VLSI Design for Image and Video Processing and Com... View Profile

Prof Ratnam Varada Raja Kumar

Professor ... View Profile

Dr Prabir Kumar Biswas

Professor Electronic Engineering... View Profile

Dr Anindya S Dhar

Professor VLSI Architecture Design... View Profile

Dr Tarun Kanti Bhattacharya

Professor MEMS and Microsystems, RF and Analog VLSI Nano- el... View Profile

Dr Mrityunjoy Chakraborty

Professor Digital Signal Processing, Adaptive Signal Process... View Profile

Dr Sant Sharan Pathak

Professor Coding,Computer Network,Image Compression... View Profile

Prof Amitabha Bhattacharya

Professor Microwave Imaging,Microwave Stealth,Ground Penetra... View Profile

Dr Rajarshi Roy

Associate Professor Queuing theory and Computational Science, Telecomm... View Profile

Dr Akhilesh Mohan

Associate Professor RF and Microwave Circuits, Antenna and Arrays... View Profile

Dr Bibhudatta Sahoo

Associate Professor Analog and Mixed Signal Circuits and Systems.... View Profile

Dr Mrinal Kanti Mandal

Associate Professor Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Circuits,Antenna and... View Profile

Dr Rajat Roy

Associate Professor Numerical computation of wave functions... View Profile

Dr Prasanta Kumar Guha

Associate Professor Sensor, MEMS,Interface Electronics,Integration wit... View Profile

Dr Arijit De

Associate Professor Eelectromagnetics,EMI/EMC,RF/Microwave,Digital Sig... View Profile

Dr Sudipta Mahapatra

Associate Professor Video Coding/Video Streaming,Optical and Wireless ... View Profile

Dr Ritwik Kumar Layek

Associate Professor Systems Biology... View Profile

Dr Aniket Singha

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Micro/nano-scale transport processes, Quantum Tran... View Profile

Dr Saumik Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Image and Video Processing,Machine Learning, Comp... View Profile

Dr Sarang Pendharker

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Reconfigurable microwave circuits,Photonics: metam... View Profile

Dr Debashis Sen

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Vision, Image and Video Processing, Uncertainty Ha... View Profile

Dr Chetna Singhal

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Wireless Networks,Wireless Communications,Multimed... View Profile

Dr Sudip Nag

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Neuroscience,Bioelectronic Systems,Biomedical Syst... View Profile

Dr Kapil Debnath

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Silicon photonics, Monolithic optoelectronic integ... View Profile

Dr Sharba Bandyopadhyay

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Neuroscience,Computational Neuroscience, Physiolog... View Profile

Dr Amitalok Jayant Budkuley

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Network Information Theory,Wireless Communications... View Profile

Dr Basudev Lahiri

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Nanofabrication,Microphotonics ,Catalysis & Spectr... View Profile

Subhasis Mahata

Project Officer Realtime Device driver devloper... View Profile