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Dr Vijai Nath Giri

Professor Communication Skills, Gender and Communication, Co... View Profile

Dr Anjali Roy

Professor Humanities, Social Science, Post-Colonial Literatu... View Profile

Dr Damodar Suar

Professor Social and Organizational Psychology, Neuropsychol... View Profile

Dr Kailash Bihari Lal Srivastava

Professor Strategic HRD, Knowledge management, Performances ... View Profile

Dr Priyadarshi Patnaik

Professor Indian aesthetics, Visual Culture and Communicatio... View Profile

Dr Suhita C Chatterjee

Professor Sociology of Health, Medical Sociology, Sociology ... View Profile

Dr Suhita Chopra Chatterjee

Professor Sociology off Health and Illness, Sociology of Med... View Profile

Dr Chhanda Chakraborti

Professor Logic, Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Mind ... View Profile

Prof Narayan Chandra Nayak

Professor Public Economics & Policy... View Profile

Prof Kishor Goswami

Professor Organic and Natural Farming, Value Chain Managemen... View Profile

Prof Bhagirath Behera

Professor Environmental Economics, Development Economics... View Profile

Prof Pulak Mishra

Professor Industrial Economics, Public Economics & Policy, E... View Profile

Prof Jitendra Mahakud

Professor Corporate Finance, Investment Management, Financia... View Profile

Dr Saswat Samay Das

Associate Professor Postcolonial and Postmodern Studies, Continental T... View Profile

Dr Seema Singh

Associate Professor Language studies, Literature, Translation and cult... View Profile

Dr H S Komalesha

Associate Professor Poetry, Translation, Indian Literatures, Cultural ... View Profile

Dr Jayashree Chakraborty

Associate Professor Syntax, Semantics, Language Communication, Socioli... View Profile

Dr Rabindra Kumar Pradhan

Associate Professor Industrial and Organisational Psychology, Organisa... View Profile

Dr Gourishankar S Hiremath

Associate Professor Financial economics, open economy macroeconomics a... View Profile

Dr Mukkamala Kameshwar Rao

Associate Professor Corporate Social Responsibility, Organisational Be... View Profile


Ph.D. Research Scholar Environmental Geography, Natural Resource Manageme... View Profile

Mr Manish Kumar Sharma

Ph.D. Research Scholar International business, International economics, E... View Profile

Dr Amrita Sen

Assistant Professor Grade-II Environmental Governance, Ecology and society, Pol... View Profile

Dr Somdatta Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor Grade-I Urban culture, Crime fiction, Indian writing in En... View Profile

Dr Anwesha Aditya

Assistant Professor Grade-I International Economics, Development Economics... View Profile

Dr Bimal Kishore Sahoo

Assistant Professor Grade-I Growth and Development Economics. Human Developmen... View Profile

Dr Siddhartha Chattopadhyay

Assistant Professor Grade-I Macroeconomics... View Profile

Dr Inder Sekhar Yadav

Assistant Professor Grade-I Financial Economics, Labour Economics, Macroeconom... View Profile

Dr Jenia Mukherjee

Assistant Professor Grade-I Ecological Humanities & Anthropocene Studies... View Profile

Dr Rishabh Rai

Assistant Professor Grade-I Knowledge management in organizations... View Profile

Dr Anuradha Choudry

Assistant Professor Grade-I Indian Psychology, Vedic Psychology, Sanskrit , Yo... View Profile

Dr Dripta Piplai (Mondal)

Assistant Professor Grade-I Language teaching, morphosyntax and developing res... View Profile

Dr Mantu Kumar Mahalik

Assistant Professor Grade-I Applied macroeconomics, international finance, mon... View Profile

Dr Archana Patnaik

Assistant Professor Grade-I Sociology of Science and Technology, Law and socie... View Profile

Dr Bornini Lahiri

Assistant Professor Grade-I Language documentation and Description, Language t... View Profile

Dr Sunandan Ghosh

Assistant Professor Grade-I Economics of Integration, International Economics,... View Profile

Dr Anway Mukhopadhyay

Assistant Professor Grade-I Indic Studies/ Vedanta, Tantra, Shaktism, Gender s... View Profile