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Prof Jitendra Kumar

Professor Particle Technology,Mathematical Modelling and Sim... View Profile

Prof Debjani Chakraborty

Professor decision making in imprecise and uncertain environ... View Profile

Prof P V S N Murthy

Professor Bio-Fluid mechanics, Covective Transport in Porous... View Profile

Prof Pratima Panigrahi

Professor Graph Theory. Research career started on studying ... View Profile

Dr Somesh Kumar

Professor Applied Mathematics... View Profile

Prof Sourav Mukhopadhyay

Professor Algebraic Cryptanalysis on Symmetric Cipher,Cloud ... View Profile

Prof Rajni Kant Pandey

Professor Differential Equations(Ordinary),Theoretical Numer... View Profile

Prof Chandal Nahak

Professor Numerical Optimization... View Profile

Prof Raja Sekhar G P

Professor Boundary integral methods for viscous flows, Mass ... View Profile

Dr Mahendra P Biswal

Professor Operations Research, Multi-Criteria Decision Makin... View Profile

Prof Somnath Bhattacharyya

Professor Applied Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Adrijit Goswami

Professor Operations Research and Theoretical Computer Scien... View Profile

Dr Geetanjali Panda

Professor Convex Optimization, Numerical Optimization,Portfo... View Profile

Dr Umesh Chandra Gupta

Professor Operations Research,Queuing Theory,Applied Stochas... View Profile

Dr Gnaneshwar Nelakanti

Associate Professor Theory of operators... View Profile

Dr T Raja Sekhar

Associate Professor Theoretical & Computational,Differential Equations... View Profile

Dr Koeli Ghoshal

Associate Professor Mechanics of Sediment Transport,Mathematical Model... View Profile

Dr Bappaditya Bhowmik

Associate Professor complex analysis, specifically in Geometric Functi... View Profile

Dr Rupanwita Gayen

Associate Professor Developing mathematical techniques required to stu... View Profile

Dr Pawan Kumar

Associate Professor Applied Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Ratna Dutta

Associate Professor Functional Encryption and Attribute Based Cryptosy... View Profile

Dr Mousumi Mandal

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Commutative Algebra. My interest also lies in the ... View Profile

Dr Ramakrishna Nanduri

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Commutative Algebra... View Profile

Dr Bodhayan Roy

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Theoretical Computer science Combinatoricsand Grap... View Profile

Dr Husney Parvez Sarwar

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Commutative Algebra &Algebraic Geometry... View Profile

Dr Hari Shankar Mahato

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Partial Differential Equations,Homogenization Theo... View Profile

Dr Swarup Kumar Panda

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Combinatorial Matrix Theory... View Profile

Dr Asish Ganguly

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Quantum Mechanics,Quantum Information,Non-linear D... View Profile

Dr Bibhas Adhikari

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Applied Linear Algebra,Theory of Complex Networks,... View Profile

Dr Buddhananda Banerjee

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Surrogate endpoint analysis in clinical trials,Cha... View Profile

Dr Debapriya Biswas

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Calculus and Functional Analysis,Calculus and Topo... View Profile

Dr Prateep Chakraborty

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Calculus and Topology,Vector Spaces and Topology,G... View Profile

Dr Swanand Ravindra Khare

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Applied Mathematics... View Profile