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Prof Arun Kumar Samantaray

Professor Nonlinear Dynamics, Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis,... View Profile

Prof Goutam Chakraborty

Professor Mechanics of Advanced Materials, Vibration and Noi... View Profile

Prof Dilip Kumar Pratihar

Professor Optimization & Modeling of Manufacturing Processes... View Profile

Prof Partha Pratim Bandyopadhyay

Professor Surface engineering and coated materials... View Profile

Prof Surjya Kanta Pal

Professor Friction Stir Welding and Processing, Industry 4.0... View Profile

Prof Sanjay Gupta

Professor Bio Mechanics... View Profile

Dr Biswajit Maiti

Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Prof Partha Saha

Professor Manufacturing Processes, Additive manufacturing, N... View Profile

Prof Maddali Ramgopal

Professor Refrigeration & air conditioning, Carbon dioxide b... View Profile

Prof Manas Chandra Ray

Professor Smart Materials and Structures, Flexoelectric Soli... View Profile

Prof Sati Nath Bhattacharyya

Professor Fluid Mechanics... View Profile

Prof Sandipan Ghosh Moulic

Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics, Hydrodynamic and The... View Profile

Prof Vikranth Racherla

Professor Friction Stir Welding and Processing, Optimization... View Profile

Dr Prasanta K Das

Professor Thermal Engineering, Gas-liquid two phase flow- in... View Profile

Dr Cheruvu Siva Kumar

Professor Robotics, Control Systems, Computer and Telecommun... View Profile

Dr Subhransu Roy

Professor Heat Transfer, Laser Processing of Materials, Opti... View Profile

Dr Soumitra Paul

Professor Machining and Grinding, Cutting Tool Coating... View Profile

Prof Abhijit Guha

Professor Fluid Mechanics (Incl. Bio, Multiphase), Heat Tran... View Profile

Dr Amiya Ranjan Mohanty

Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Sukanta K Dash

Professor Mechanical Engineer... View Profile

Prof Manab Kumar Das

Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics, Turbulence modeling ... View Profile

Dr Suman Chakraborty

Professor Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, Interfacial Phenom... View Profile

Dr Anirvan Dasgupta

Professor Mechanics of membranes, Vibration induced particle... View Profile

Dr Ranjan Bhattacharyya

Professor Nonlinear Elasticity, Vibration, Dynamical Systems... View Profile

Dr Souvik Bhattacharyya

Professor Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Energy Systems... View Profile

Dr Kingshook Bhattacharyya

Associate Professor Dynamics... View Profile

Dr Mihir Sarangi

Associate Professor Machine Design, Lubrication Technology, Friction &... View Profile

Dr Anandaroop Bhattacharya

Associate Professor Thermal Engineering Microfluidics, Thermal manag... View Profile

Dr Somnath Roy

Associate Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics, Low Reynolds No. Aer... View Profile

Dr Kumar Ray

Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Dhananjay Kumar Srivastava

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Laser Ignition of Engine, Gasoline Direct Injectio... View Profile

Dr Vanteru Mahendra Reddy

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Droplet and Spray Combustion, Flameless Combustion... View Profile

Dr Aditya Bandopadhyay

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Mixing and transport through porous media, Electro... View Profile

Dr Rajaram Lakkaraju

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Multiphase flows and Fluid structure interactions... View Profile

Dr Jinu Paul

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Thin/thick Coatings & Nano-polymer Composites, Fri... View Profile

Dr Atul Jain

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Mechanics of Composites, Smart and Composite Struc... View Profile

Dr Sourav Mitra

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Adsorption, Refrigeration, Thermal desalination, H... View Profile

Dr Purbarun Dhar

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer & Thermal Science, M... View Profile

Dr Nilanjan Das Chakladar

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Smart Materials and Structures, Optimization & Mod... View Profile

Dr Jeevanjyoti Chakraborty

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Microfluidics, Lithium-ion battery modelling, Fuel... View Profile

Dr S Ramanujam

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile