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Prof Rahul Mitra

Professor Advanced Alloys & Superalloys, Mechanical metallur... View Profile

Prof Koushik Biswas

Professor Energy materials, Modelling of metals and ceramics... View Profile

Prof Shampa Aich

Professor Magnetic Materials (Permanent Magnet), NiTi-based ... View Profile

Dr Gour Gopal Roy

Professor Modeling Simulation... View Profile

Prof Tarun Kumar Kundu

Professor Atomistic Simulations of Materials, Extractive Met... View Profile

Prof Debalay Chakrabarti

Professor Physical metallurgy, Mechanical metallurgy, Iron &... View Profile

Prof Tapas Laha

Professor Surface engineering and coated materials, Bulk met... View Profile

Dr Siddhartha Das

Professor Metallurgical Engineer... View Profile

Dr Karabi Das

Professor Metallurgical Engineer... View Profile

Prof Shiv Brat Singh

Professor Physical metallurgy of steel... View Profile

Dr Nirupam Chakraborti

Professor Computational Materials Science Genetic Algorithms... View Profile

Dr Indranil Manna

Professor Physical Metallurgy, Phase Transformation, Nanomat... View Profile

Prof Jyotsna Dutta Majumdar

Professor Advanced Materials Processing, Surface engineering... View Profile

Dr Tapas Kumar Bandyopadhyay

Associate Professor Micro-structure Property Co-relation in Steel. Met... View Profile

Dr Sumantra Mandal

Associate Professor Alloy Design, Grain Boundaries and Interfaces, Aqu... View Profile

Dr Sujoy Kumar Kar

Associate Professor Processing-Structure-Texture-Property, Neural netw... View Profile

Dr Amit Bhaduri

Associate Professor Metallurgical... View Profile

Dr Indrani Sen

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Shape memory alloys and smart materials, Improved ... View Profile

Dr Chandra Sekhar Tiwary

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Development of Porous and Ultra-Low density materi... View Profile

Dr Siddhartha Roy

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Energy materials, Surface engineering and coated m... View Profile

Dr Amlan Dutta

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Computational material science, Modelling of dislo... View Profile

Dr Chenna Rao Borra

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Extractive metallurgy, Pyrometallurgy, Hydrometall... View Profile

Dr Somjeet Biswas

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Plasticity and Constitutive Modeling, Physical met... View Profile

Dr Mangal Roy

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Bone Regeneration & Bone Tissue Engineering, Powde... View Profile