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Dr Arun Kumar Majumdar

Professor Mineral Processing Coal Washing Solid-Fluid Intera... View Profile

Dr Samir Kumar Pal

Professor Geomechanics, Mine Void Filling, Wear of Elastomer... View Profile

Dr Jayanta Bhattacharyya

Professor Mining... View Profile

Prof S Suryanarayana Bhamidipati

Professor ... View Profile

Prof Samir Kumar Das

Professor Strata Control and Rock Mechanics, Mines Safety En... View Profile

Prof Arun Kumar Majumder

Professor Mineral Processing, Coal Washing, Solid Fluid Inte... View Profile

Prof Ashis Bhattacherjee

Professor Occupational Health and Safety and Operations Rese... View Profile

Prof Biswajit Samanta

Professor Mine Planning, Geostatistics, Mine Environment and... View Profile

Prof Debashish Chakravarty

Professor SLAM Mine Mapping and Locational Survelliance usin... View Profile

Prof Debasis Deb

Professor Rock Mechanics, Ground Control, Mine Design, Analy... View Profile

Prof Khanindra Pathak

Professor Application of Remote Sensing and GIS, Environment... View Profile

Dr Bibhuti Bhusan Mandal

Associate Professor Noise Mapping, Whole Body Vibration Exposure in Mi... View Profile

Dr Aditya Kumar Patra

Associate Professor Air Quality Measurement and Modelling, Whole Body ... View Profile

Dr Basanta Kumar Prusty

Associate Professor Coalbed Methane and Coal Mine Methane, Unconventio... View Profile

Dr Abhiram Kumar Verma

Associate Professor Rock Mechanics and Ground Control, Numerical Model... View Profile

Dr Sunita Mishra

Assistant Professor Grade-II Rock Dynamics, Development of Dynamic Testing Devi... View Profile

Dr Shantanu Kumar Patel

Assistant Professor Grade-I Rock Mechanics, Numerical Modelling in Geomechanic... View Profile

Dr Kaushik Dey

Assistant Professor Grade-I ... View Profile

Dr Rakesh Kumar

Assistant Professor Grade-I Experimental Rock Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics, R... View Profile