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Prof Sugata Pratik Khastgir

Professor Mathematical Physics, Integrable Models... View Profile

Prof Dipak Kumar Goswami

Professor Organic Electronic Devices, Biomedical Devices, Fl... View Profile

Prof Prasanta Kumar Datta

Professor Temporally Resolve Fast Occurring Phenomena in Sci... View Profile

Prof Sudhansu Sekhar Mandal

Professor Fractional Quantum Hall Effect, Disordered Superco... View Profile

Prof Tapan Kumar Nath

Professor Functional Materials, Engineered Oxide and Semicon... View Profile

Prof Sonjoy Majumder

Professor Physics of Ultra Cold Atom, Light Matter Interacti... View Profile

Dr Achintya Dhar

Professor Semiconductor Physics, Organic Electronics, Solar ... View Profile

Prof Kamal Lochan Panigrahi

Professor High Energy Physics, String Theory, AdS, CFT duali... View Profile

Prof Partha Roy Chaudhuri

Professor Fiber and Integrated Optics, Photonics, Experiment... View Profile

Prof Krishna Kumar

Professor Hydrodynamic Instabilities, Nonlinear Dynamics, In... View Profile

Dr Pragya Shukla

Professor Quantum information Theory, neural networks, Quant... View Profile

Dr Anushree Roy

Professor Physics... View Profile

Dr Amal Kumar Das

Professor Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Magnetism i... View Profile

Dr Arghya Taraphder

Professor Condensed Matter physics... View Profile

Dr Samit K Ray

Professor Condensed Matter Physics, Semicondutor nanostructu... View Profile

Dr Ajay Kumar Singh

Professor Experimental Nuclear Physics, Double Beta decay st... View Profile

Dr Somnath Bharadwaj

Professor Astrophysics, Cosmology... View Profile

Dr Sayan Kar

Professor Gravitation and Geometry, High Energy Physics, Qua... View Profile

Dr Sanjeev Kumar Srivastava

Associate Professor Swift Heavy Ion Matter Interaction, Nuclear Conden... View Profile

Dr Amreesh Chandra

Associate Professor Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Multiferroi... View Profile

Dr Shivakiran BN Bhaktha

Associate Professor Glass Photonics, Random Lasers, Optofluidics, Phot... View Profile

Dr Samudra Roy

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Nonlinear Photonics, Nonlinear Cavity Dynamics, Ca... View Profile

Dr Tirtha Sankar Ray

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Particle Physics, Beyond Standard Model Physics, E... View Profile

Dr Sandipan Sengupta

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Classical Gravity, Quantum Gravity... View Profile

Dr Vishwanath Shukla

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Statistical Physics, Nonlinear, non-equilibrium an... View Profile

Dr Sajal Dhara

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Nanoscale optoelectronics, Light Matter Interactio... View Profile

Dr Saikat Das

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) My research is primarily focused on studying Trans... View Profile

Dr Debamalya Banerjee

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Energy Materials, Electron Transport, Engineered O... View Profile

Dr Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Quantum Field Theory, Gravity, String Theory, Rela... View Profile

Dr Maruthi Manoj Brundavanam

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Singular Optics, Correlation Optics... View Profile

Dr Poornachandra Sekhar Burada

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Soft Matter Physics, Non Equilibrium Statistical M... View Profile

Dr Sitikantha Dhurjati Das

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Quantum Matter Group ... View Profile

Dr Debraj Choudhury

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Electronic and Magnetic Materials... View Profile

Dr Amar Nath Gupta

Assistant Professor Single molecule Biophysics and soft matter Physics... View Profile