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Prof Prabina Rajib

Professor Indian commodity spot and derivatives market and I... View Profile

Prof Sangeeta Sahney

Professor Marketing managment,Consumer Behavior,Services Ma... View Profile

Dr Parama Barai

Associate Professor Investment Management,Financial Risk Management,Fi... View Profile

Dr Sujoy Bhattacharya

Associate Professor Data Analytics,Option Pricing,Quantitative Marketi... View Profile

Dr Biplab Datta

Associate Professor Marketing Management,Leadership and Teamwork,Servi... View Profile

Dr Chandra Sekhar Mishra

Associate Professor Financial Management,Financial Reporting and Anal... View Profile

Dr Arun Kumar Misra

Associate Professor Product Pricing and Product Risk, Asset-Liability ... View Profile

Dr Susmita Mukhopadhyay

Associate Professor Spirituality and Work place happiness,People Analy... View Profile

Dr Tutan Ahmed

Assistant Professor Grade-I Education and Skill Development, Labor Market, Gen... View Profile

Dr Swagato Chatterjee

Assistant Professor Grade-I Marketing analytics, Game theory, Service Marketin... View Profile

Dr Saini Das

Assistant Professor Grade-I Information Security, Risk management, E commerce ... View Profile

Dr Anupam Ghosh

Assistant Professor Grade-I Supply chain analytics, supply chain network desig... View Profile

Dr Aradhna Malik

Assistant Professor Grade-I Ageing,Orality, Human Technology Interaction, Inte... View Profile

Dr Ajay Kumar Mishra

Assistant Professor Grade-I Financial Economics and related Studies. Banking R... View Profile

Dr Srabanti Mukherjee

Assistant Professor Grade-I Marketing to the Bottom of the Pyramid, Consumer B... View Profile

Dr Barnali Nag

Assistant Professor Grade-I Energy Economics, Climate Change Policy and Econom... View Profile

Dr M Vimala Rani

Assistant Professor Grade-I Operation Research, Operation management. Scheduli... View Profile

Dr S Srinivasan

Assistant Professor Grade-I Organizational behaviour and human resource manage... View Profile

Dr Amit Upadhyay

Assistant Professor Grade-I Operations Research, Railway Analytics, Transporta... View Profile

Dr Abhijeet Chandra

Assistant Professor Financial markets, Behavioral Finance, Market micr... View Profile

Dr Krittika Banerjee

Assistant Professor Real exchange rate, Global trade imbalances, Monet... View Profile